The app that broke the Iowa Caucuses was sent out through beta testing platforms

The mobile software developed to tally votes in the Iowa Democratic caucus yesterday has taken center stage in an ongoing controversy over who exactly created it and why it was deployed in such a sloppy state. Now, thanks to Motherboard, we know what the app looks like, and the error screens that specific precinct leaders […]

Postal worker filled Virginia storage unit with mail he couldn’t ‘make time’ to deliver, officials say

A Virginia Postal Service worker who told officials he rented a storage unit to hide thousands of pieces of mail he could not “make time” to deliver is set to be sentenced next month, federal authorities said. Jason Delacruz told agents with the U.S. Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General that he felt “pressured” to […]

Small Birth Weight Ups Risk of Breathlessness Later in Life

Parents, please take a note. Researchers have found that babies born with low birth weights are more likely to have poor cardiorespiratory fitness later in life than their normal-weight peers. Having a good cardiorespiratory fitness is important for staying healthy and can reduce the risk of numerous diseases and premature death. Alarmingly, cardiorespiratory fitness is […]

Credit Suisse also spied on Greenpeace: newspaper

Credit Suisse (CSGN.S), which has faced a scandal related to spying on senior executives, also conducted espionage against Greenpeace, Swiss newspaper SonntagsZeitung reported. Then-Chief Operating Officer Pierre-Oliver Bouee ordered his head of security to infiltrate the environmental group after Greenpeace disrupted the bank’s annual shareholder meeting in 2017, the paper said in an article published […]

Alphabet’s Jigsaw unveils a tool to help journalists spot deepfakes and manipulated images

Alphabet’s Jigsaw subsidiary has revealed a new tool that’s intended to help journalists more easily spot deepfakes and manipulated images. The tool, called Assembler, uses “detectors” to analyze an image or deepfake; determine if it’s authentic; and if it’s not, inform the user where the image may have been manipulated. Assembler’s detectors can see things […]

Ohio police deny special treatment for NFL’s Kareem Hunt after drugs, alcohol found in car

Ohio police denied giving special treatment to Cleveland Browns running back Kareem Hunt after he was found with drugs and alcohol in his car during a traffic stop. Hunt, 24, was pulled over on Jan. 21 for speeding when an officer said he smelled marijuana in the vehicle, according to a police report from Rocky […]